Monday, October 31, 2011

Trick or Treat

It is SO nice being in a house for the first time ever on Halloween (other than my parents house when I was growing up, of course!)!  Graham wasn't too excited about it, as they don't really do much in England, but once the kids started knocking...HE LOVED IT!

We had some VERY polite kids and although the night started off SLOW (since when do people START trick or treating at 7pm???), it ended up being quite busy!  I had made 100 treat bags (yup, I am one of THOSE people Graham says, that has to be known as the "cool" house that gives out LOTS of candy!) and had some singles leftover, in case we needed it.  We only had 2 kids that weren't dressed up, neither of those being teenagers. 

The best costumes were:

A family: Mom as McDonald's fries, Dad as a Milkshake.  Costumes made by Mom!

A group of "tweens" dressed as: Harry Potter, Hermoine and Ron!

A 5 year old dressed as: Darth Vadar!  HE WAS AWESOME!

There were a LOT of other fun ones, but those were our tops.  Our neighbourhood really does it up on holidays and it sounds like the Christmas competition is now ON!  One house did an entire haunted house, another did a graveyard, including dry ice around the corner and our Neighbourhood Watch neighbour, across the street was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, chainsaw and everything when kids knocked on the door!  FUN!  Next year, we are dressing up and going to have WAY more fun with it!  Love this neighbourhood!

Here's the good stuff!

Some of the 100 loot bags ready to go!

Some of the leftovers from filling the treat bags!



you can send those leftovers my way :)one of my other friends handed out lemon heads also and a kid that came to her door actually took the lemon heads, turned around and said " I didn't even want lemon heads" Hope you had less bratty kids at your door!


How about you send me your address and I will see how much it costs to send a few over to you in Denmark!?

We didn't have ANY bratty kids, a few kids that didn't say thankyou, but their parents made them come back or they would take away all of their candy!!!!!! Hardcore manners!

Love, love hearing about your adventures there and the photos are incredible!

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