Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Who says popsicles are for summertime?!?!

It was a bit of a rough and tiring day over here!  Both Cole and I didn't sleep well, Graham of course, slept like the rock that he usually does (I mean, he slept through a 30 minute fire alarm in our condo once!!!!!!!!!!!!).  It was a night of wake up calls, either because cole had to pee, or I did! HA!

Nap time didn't fair much better, so the both of us were a little cuddly, tired and ready for an afternoon on the sofa.  We did spend the whole morning out, so I thought, "Why not have a lazy afternoon"?  We watched a movie and by the time it was over, it was time to pick up Graham.  It was not an easy feat getting two tired people out of the house, especially being so cold, but we did it! :)

Graham made dinner tonight, so that Cole and I could play (read: his energy kicked in and I spent an hour with him running around like a crazy person!).  After dinner, I thought that there would be nothing better, than to end the night with a popsicle.  Who doesn't think that popsicles make anyone feel better?!?!?  Am I right?

I was BEYOND excited to find a WHOLE BOX OF BANANA flavoured popsicles at the grocery store today!  They were my favourite as a child, as oddly enough I LOVE things flavoured banana, but HATE real bananas (it's a texture thing!).  I haven't seen JUST banana in a box for years and was thrilled!  I was even more thrilled that there was no allergy issues for Cole, so he could have one...or two...or three!!!!

Three it was!  I remember trying to give him and Cayenne cold things when I nannied them.  It was always a NO GO, unless it was super hot and the sorbet started to melt quite a bit.  I didn't think it would fair any better today, but BOY WAS I WRONG!  Not only did he finish mine, but he had one of his own and another half (not before finishing his dinner first though!).  What a ham he was!

"It's COOOOOOLD"!!!!!!!!

"Anodder, please"?

"Yay"!!!!!  "Thanks"!!!!

See, popsicles really DO make the world go round!


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