Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mum's birthday surprise 100% success!!!

Back in August, we found out that Graham would be attending a conference in England in October!!! It was something that we thought might be a 10% chance, but we quickly found out, it was going to happen and I was more than welcome to go with (on our own dime of course).

As Graham had not been back since he emigrated on Oct 22, 2009, it was perfect timing to go back. I have not been back in almost 3 years, so we were hoping a that I could attend as well!

I found a flight for $650 and things started getting exciting from there! We let Graham's brother, Tom in on the secret, as well as his Auntie and Uncle. It would be Mum's birthday while we were there, so we decided to keep it a secret and plan for a surprise birthday lunch to top it off!

A few hiccups here and there, made it a bit of a challenge at times, but we pulled it off, without her ever getting any idea of a what was going on!

The plan:

Meet in London for lunch for Mum's birthday.

Those attending:

Graham, myself, Jill, Tom, Auntie Sue and Uncle Martin.

Those she knew about:



Unknown to her, but Veeraswamy's, an Indian restaurant in London. Little did we know, she's been wanting to eat there since 1978!!!!

Tom took Mum there for our reservation time, they arrived and the restaurant confirmed a 6 person table. OOPS! She figured out that Sue and Martin would be there, but ignored who the other two could be, with her mind NEVER leaning towards us!

We arrived 20 mins after Tom and Mum, entering from the elevator and walking right into the bar, her staring in disbelief right at us. There was shock, lots of tears and huge hugs all around. Once it finally settled in, she could not believe that we pulled it off and were all together again, on her birthday!! We were happy to videotape the entrance and capture that moment forever!

Thanks to Tom for helping us pull off what will surely be one of Mum's most memorable birthday's that she might ever have!

It was a great meal, a great time with family and well worth all of the planning and excitement that led up to it!



How sweet! That's an incredible surprise and I know she'll never forget this birthday!

Jenn Dickenson

I am so glad that she was surprised and excited. That is so nice that you were able to surprise her!!

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