Monday, October 24, 2011

Babysitting for a few days!

We have Cole for the next fews days, to help out Brad and Sarah.  It's so nice to be able to help out friends when they need it most.

It's been a while since we've had Cole.  So much has changed and it's a joy to see!  He is talking in sentences up a storm now!  He's taking in EVERYTHING, as much as you think he might not be paying attention, or really listening, he sure is!  He can repeat things that you SWEAR there was no way he could have heard, word for word!

I could make a list of things for "Kids say the darndest things", with my favourites being...

"It's rude to make people wait, you know"?  "Don't you know that"?

"Graham made a mess with his clothes on the floor.  He's messy"! (I wanted to hug him to death, when he told Graham this without any prompting, or comments from me!!!!!)

"I did it!  I went in the potty!  I have a skittle now"?  "You went potty too, you have a skittle too, Lee-Anne"!


Graham fell in love, even more than he already had.  He had so much fun playing with Cole, teaching him to go potty, doing crafts with us and reading stories umpteen times!  Everyday that Cole would be here, he knew that it was one day closer to him going back home!  The amount of pouting that came out of Graham, was hilarious!

Here's some of the fun that we had today...

The boys decorated outside for halloween!  Cole loved it!

"Bones, Lee-Anne!  Bones!"

We took Graham's HUGE pilates ball outside to kick it around, while Graham finished the decorations. Cole was FASCINATED by the fact that this ball was almost as big as him!

"I kick it, Lee-Anne!  I kick it!"

Cole came in, knocking on the door, asking; "Is dinner WEADY yet?  I hungreeeeee!"

One happy, hungry boy, eating dinner!


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