Monday, October 10, 2011

A written memory, so my husband won't forget...

Today, after he attended business's meetings and I spent the day shopping, eating and exploring London...mostly by foot (man, they hurt any the end of the day, when you keep deciding that walking takes just as long as the tube), we met one of his old flatmates and friends from Uni (University).

We haven't seen Paul in over 3 years...maybe closer to 4 actually. There were many stories, hours of reminiscing, moments of laughter and contemplation on how things can and might not change, depending on the person.

We went to Cafe Pacifico, our favorite Mexican restaurant in London (ask Graham or I sometime about our adventure with too many margaritas there, when we took Mom and Dad!!!), as Graham cannot come here, without drinking one too many margaritas...not the blended kind, the real, straight up, on the rocks kind!

We had a nice long, yummy dinner, followed by sopapillas, a dessert, that I had not had since living in Oklahoma for school, and some delicious drinks.

We ventured our way back to the hotel bar after, to have coffees and finish catching up, before Paul made the 2 hour trek back home. It meant so much to Graham (and I), for him to come down to see us and I know that Graham was very thankful to catch up and relive old times.

It's fun to see a different side of my husband. It makes me remember what he was like when we first met and what he was like before we met. It also makes me realize how blessed we are and how far we've come along together!


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