Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Home sweet bed!

We arrived home, without a hitch today (unlike my flight out, which took 2 days in total!!!!), Graham flying from Heathrow and me flying from Gatwick (his was a business flight, mine was not, obviously); we randomly found a flight that left within 5 minutes of each other, landing exactly at the same time.  While the airline I always fly with, Air Transat, is a nightmare whenever you try to fly out of Canada, it's usually on time leaving England.  Thank goodness.

My flight home was MUCH better than the way out, with getting to watch a few movies on demand this time.  The food is ALWAYS horrible, so I stocked up before I flew out on some snacks, yogurt and a wrap.  I had a small nap and was so thankful to be back with Graham, on the ground and on our way home.

I don't know about you, but there is NOTHING more that I want when I get home...than my BED!  I find it hard when we go back to England, as the beds are tiny (we have a KING) and some too short, with our legs just sitting at the end of them.  We are fans of a firm mattress and it's felt like we've been sleeping on sugar lumps for a week now.

We tried to stay up as long as we could, but by 9:00, we were CRAVING our bed.  Does anyone else crave their bed?  Or is that weird?  As a non sleeper usually, it's a weird feeling for me!

So thankful for an amazing trip, but happy to be home!!!


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