Friday, October 7, 2011

Home is whenever I'm with you???

Do you ever wonder where home is? Have you moved a lot, travelled a lot or been "on your own" for awhile ( as in living away from your parents)?

Graham and I often discuss where "home" is. Is it where we grew up? Is it England? Is it Canada in general? Is it our current place that we live in?

We have come to realize over the years, that home is wherever we are...sometimes it's "our" house, sometimes it's Mom and Dad's (well, for me anyways), sometimes it's still England and sometimes for Graham, it's still his old family home that he grew up in in Dorking.

Oddly enough, we also often talk about where "home" will be down the road. We talk of moving back to Europe one day, maybe after we have kids and they are old enough to take in the culture of it all, maybe one day we will have to move somewhere unexpected? It's more an industry thing for Graham, as at some point in his career, we might have to move to wherever his skills would be most valuable.

For now though, we both agree that "home" is wherever we are an wherever we feel most comfortable and happy. For us, that tends to either be in our house or at Mom and Dad's, the 2nd place that we spend the most time at.

One thing that we feel very lucky about, is that we have had some very amazing places to call "home" along the way!!!


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