Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Thankful for OHIP.

I know, we all complain about our FREE health care system sometimes, but today, I was thankful for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Program, for you non-Canadians/Ontarians).  The only thing that I usually complain about, is the fact that if you need a specialist or surgery, it can take up to a year + to see someone...not convenient, if you have real issues that can't wait.

Today, I had to use OHIP services 3 times for 3 different Dr.'s!  I felt like I was living in a Dr.'s office today. 

What made me so grateful or realize today, that no matter how bad an hour or two wait can be to see my Dr., I didn't get a bill afterwards for $700, like a patient did today.  Ouch.  I do remember coming home from England and having to wait 6 months to restart my OHIP coverage, having a Dr.'s app't that cost $150, but $700????  All the poor guy had was an app't, a physical and bloodwork.

So, if you have forgotten how great FREE health care really can be, just remember, if you broke your leg, like I did when living in the US years ago, you don't have to pay the $30,000 bill that is given to you...unlike the rest of the people who don't have coverage!

Praise God for the healthcare that we do have!


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