Saturday, October 22, 2011

Back to working weekends...

Going back to working weekends is something that I never thought I would have to do, or choose to do again...but sometimes you have to do what is thrown at you.  I also thought that I would never do shift work again, but, that too, is now on my list of things that has to be done (at least no night shifts!).

I find the most difficult thing about working shifts or weekends, is that you miss out on opportunities to get together with the rest of the 9-5 working crowd that works Mon-Fri...and for me, the fact that I don't get to see Graham much.  If I have a busy work week, I tend to work 2-3 shifts that are from 1-9pm and both Saturday and Sunday ALL day.  It makes my time with him, short and sweet.  It makes the days on the weekend that I have off, all that more special!

Some weekends, when I get home from work, almost the entire "to-do" list is completed, which really warms my heart (if you know me at all, this would give MAJOR bonus points!).  He tends to have the lawn cut, the laundry finished (I start it), the bathrooms cleaned and the house vacuumed and dusted.  Usually, all that's left for me, if meal planning, groceries and some cooking.

What usually makes the end of my work day even better than coming home to a clean house???  When he picks me up from work, says he didn't plan anything for dinner and proceeds to take me out on a much needed, impromptu dinner out! 

Last night, we again, went to our favourite PHO place (we could eat here EVERYDAY!), but decided to branch out on the menu instead.  As this baby seems to LOVE REALLY spicy food, more than I can usually take, I had the VERY spicy coconut soup.  It was by far, the yummiest thing that I have had for dinner in ages and it was nice to go to a place that serves my favourite soup with more than 4 mushrooms, tomato chunks and 2 pieces of chicken!  It was stuffed full of yummy veggies, pineapples and more chicken than I could eat.

I am so thankful for my amazing husband and all that he is doing to pick the pieces up, while I am too tired or working my weekends away!


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